Growing vibrant, climate-resilient Jewish community from the ground up

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Who are we?

Noah Weinberg - JOFEE Fellow

Noah Weinberg’s journey to founding the farm began in growing cucumbers and tomatoes in his childhood backyard garden in Evanston, IL.

Noah first found home in the Jewish farming world spending four summers on staff at Eden Village Camp, and as an Adamahnik, Lotan permaculture student, and Jewish Initiative for Animals educator.

What he discovered on this journey from desert oasis to lush Hudson Valley forest was that Jewish tradition lives not only in books, but also in the deep roots and stretching stems of the plants we grow, in our bodies as we work to bring forth and preserve earth’s abundance, and in our souls as we connect with each other in sacred intentional community.

Noah returned to Tufts University to finish his degree in Peace and Justice Studies and Education, dreaming of building community around earth-based Judaism. Noah serves as the Jewish Life Coordinator at Gann Academy, is a member of the Kavod community, and serves as a musical prayer focalizer at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline.

Noah is filled with gratitude and excitement to bring the Greater Boston Jewish community together on the land, meeting the challenges of this unique moment by heeding the call of our tradition, “Hadesh Yameynu keKedem!”

Media + Inspirations

Inspirational Quotes from the film Inhabit:

"Sustainability is just about keeping things as they are, not letting it get any worse. Regenerative is about making things better. That's very promising and very inviting." - Eric Toensmeier (co-author of Edible Forest Gardens)
"So all of a sudden humans start doing good and the 'impact' is a great thing; 'footprint' is something we want to leave" - Ben Falk (Whole Systems Design, VT)
"We have an enormous opportunity to take neighborhoods we have and turn them into the villages we're going to need to navigate through the future... Doom and gloom and ultimatums of catastrophe are not necessarily the most compelling messages. It's true that we need to be concerned about what's happening in the world and not hide from those realities. But at the same time hold in our hearts this amazing vision of what is possible... What could it be like if humans could help make this place sing with life." - Lisa Fernandes (Resilience Hub, ME)